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Thursday, October 05, 2023

What the Heck Is Frozen Shoulder?

On Tuesday morning, I went in to see my doctor about the stiffness that's been growing in my right arm for the last few weeks. She examined me and determined that I have "frozen shoulder," AKA adhesive capsulitis. I'm in the early stages; currently I can raise my right arm almost to shoulder level, so I can still type--crucial for my job (and this blog). I'm already useless, though, for lifting anything, no matter how light, to shoulder level, let alone above that. Turning left in a vehicle is also tough because the right arm naturally stretches over as you turn the wheel. 

The condition both arises and disappears spontaneously, lasting months or years at a time. But I'm looking into what treatments might be effective other than physio (which I've booked) and simply waiting things out. 

All in all, even with this diagnosis I still feel pretty fortunate. Even if it takes a long time, my shoulder will unfreeze one way or another, and I know I can adapt in the interim. Other people have gotten far worse news from their doctor, so I'm grateful. 

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