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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dry Wit

Harmonius Shwang luxuriated in the fine spray of hot water that poured down from the shower head, a fine warm mist wrapping his body in bone-shivering comfort. Eyes closed, head tilted back, Harmonius exhaled, content, allowing the water to wash his cares away.

But alas! Just as Harmonious approached the zenith of delight, the shower head bucked violently, an ominous rattle emanating from the pipes, air burping from the depths to supplant the warm water. Blinking in stupefaction, Harmonious bellowed for his butler, groping blindly for a towel.

"Anklus!" he cried. "Where's my hot water?"

Gaunt, harried Anklus arrived momentarily, his perpetually sad eyes immediately grasping the situation.

"If you'll forgive me, sir, the shower's stalled," Anklus deadpanned. Harmonious, as ever, didn't get it. 

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