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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Super Fashion Disaster

I didn't know that Diana (Wonder Woman) Prince owned a "mod boutique" until reading this 1969 issue of Lois Lane. Groovy.

Superman claims that the wig isn't his bag because it'll increase his wind resistance when he flies.'re Superman. You can fly through the sun, and you're worried about the drag from a wig? I guess he was desperate for any excuse to get out of Diana's little game of dress-up.

Needless to say, this issue's plot revolves around Lois' perennial jealousy over Wonder Woman. At this stage in comic book history, Wonder Woman was operating sans super-powers, using martial arts mojo and feminist determination to demolish her foes, so for once Lois thought she wasn't a threat...until this little scene. Why Lois keeps on pining after Superman I'll never know.

Especially when Lana Lang is single. You're young, Lois - experiment a little.

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Sean Woods said...

A WW-Superman-LL threesome is the obvious way to resolve that comic storyline.