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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Super Sick

I haven't been sick in a while, so I guess I should have suspected that when illness came it would be a doozy. Well, for a head cold; I'm certainly not complaining, given all those who are suffering from far worse maladies.

Being sick has given me the opportunity to read some old comic books, and look at this house ad I found in Action Comics #382 (cover-dated November, 1969):

Batman and Superman speak out for Sesame Street

Sesame Street premiered in November of '69, so this ad was obviously timed to coincide with the new show's debut. I don't remember if Batman ever appeared on the show, as seems to be implied in the ad, but the animated Superman segment still sticks in my mind. Maybe you remember it too. Superman is on patrol, pointing out things that begin with the letter S. Like...

Spaceship! (A spaceship zooms down from the heavens.)

And Storm! (The spaceship starts a storm.)

And Sailboat! (Superman rescues a sailboat from the storm.)

I can't remember how Superman got rid of the spaceship, but I'll bet it had something do with the letter S, like "slingshot" or "smash." Anyway, at the end of the cartoon, Superman flies down to the beach (or something) and says, in a tone that's slightly self-mocking, as if he's a little embarrassed to be making such a seemingly egotistical PSA, he points his thumb to his symbl and says,

"S! It's my favourite letter."

The short actually scared me a little as a kid, partly because of Superman's deep voice, the sound effects of the spaceship and storm, and the music, which I recall as vaguely threatening.

Anyone else remember the short? And did Batman ever appear on Sesame Street?


Sean Woods said...

You should upload your "Superman on a bender" movie.

I can help with this, if need be.

Earl J. Woods said...

First I need a working video capture card. I've tried three with this computer, and none have worked for longer than two weeks. Very, very frustrating.

Sean Woods said...

Dell stinks.