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Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Simple Plan, or, The Flash Blinded Me with Science

I'm no scientist, but some of the assertions made in this Space: 1999 comic book confuse me.
In panel 2, Dr. Russell says, "The amoebas have to be reduced to atoms...destroyed completely! If any part of the fungus remains, it will regenerate!"
Wait, is it an amoeba or a fungus? She's a doctor, shouldn't she know they aren't the same thing?
Alan seems to think reducing something to atoms requires an H-bomb. Seems like overkill, but what do I know? Wouldn't lighting the amoeba (or fungus) on fire accomplish the same purpose?
But then, "Bergman's computer-like mind finally put(s) the pieces together..." Feed the amoebas heavy water, shoot them with stun guns, and the resulting heat will turn the amoebas (or fungi) into "living H-bombs" (!).
Even if this blathering is scientifically accurate, is setting off a bunch of H-bombs within the corridors of your fragile moonbase really the best plan?
As Commander Koenig says: Think, man! Think!

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Anonymous said...

Jeff says that this reminds him alot of Voyager. He said to me, "In the episode you watched the other day Belana and the Captain were carrying on like chipmunks." I must say that he is quite perceptive, he noticed that your banner is gone! There's quite a difference.