Monday, February 08, 2010


Early this morning I watched a commercial. It featured the now-common "Dramatization" subtitle, for which I am grateful, for the ad also featured a car crashing onto the front lawn of a suburban home, a bag of groceries hopping out of the vehicle and walking into the kitchen by itself, a happy housewife NOT shrieking in terror as she witnessed same, and a talking glove stating that it will prepare dinner.

Thanks, makers of Hamburger Helper, for making sure that I understood this commercial was merely a "Dramatization" and not a documentary.


tonytown said...

There's a T-Mobile commercial that bothers me every time it comes on: A young fashion designer tells us that she wants a phone plan that "doesn't cost [her] one of these [holds up a detached Mannequin arm) and one of these [holds up a leg]." and then explains it by saying: "An arm and a leg." Thank you T-Mobile. I am, of course, awfully stupid.

Why do advertisers talk down to their audiences like that? There's a very small group of people who wouldn't be insulted by that. Is that their target market?

Earl J. Woods said...

I've been annoyed by that very commercial too, tonytown!