Thursday, February 04, 2010


Spider mite, spider mite
The unfortunate spider mite
Eats my plants, makes them die
Sends their souls to the sky

Watch out! Here comes the spider mite

Do they breed? Listen bub
They’ve got randiness in their blood
Do they swing from a thread?
Take a look, your plant’s dead

Hey there! Here comes the spider mite

In the heat of day
They will breed millions more
You can’t keep them out
Even if you shut the door

Spider mite, spider mite
Unfriendly ravenous spider mite
Spins a web, looks real gross
On the plants in my house

To him, the garden is one big banquet
Where ever plants are hung up
You’ll find the spider mite!

1 comment:

susan_rn92 said...

LOL! What a great poem! I am battling the same pests right now in my house, so it is very timely as well. May I request a line how they are susceptible to soapy water?