Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Earl's First Attempt at Cooking with the New Oven


AllanX said...

Um, so you made some Horta?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute?!? Earl and cooking in the same sentence. What the hell?!?! Are cats and dogs living in harmony now?

"Jeffspaw" said...

It's hard not to sound patronizing, but the reason ovens have lights is so that you can watch the food cook. Think of it as your own personal FOODTV channel.

My wife will point out that burnt food is a good sign that you are in love, i.e. so distracted by the comely charms of your betrothed that you have trouble concentrating on day-to-day tasks.

Everybody burns food, just try again, next time will work out better. I just burnt a barbecue because I wasn't paying attention to the flame. When cooking with high heat, you have to make sure you check every few minutes, just like you would make a backup of a computer file you are working on every quarter of an hour. The only difference is that you can't revert a dry pot roast to a previous save.