Monday, August 02, 2010

Moving Heaven and Earl

Mom and Dad were kind enough to lend Sylvia and me their truck for our move, and Sean loaned us his brawn. As a result, we're mostly moved in, with much gratitude to my family!
Just a few dozen more boxes of books to go...
"I thought you said you'd see me in hell before you moved these boxes."
"Well, now I've seen hell. Contrary to popular belief, hell is not other people, and it's not the absence of god. It's boxes of books piled to the ceiling. Get an ebook reader for the love of all that's holy."
Now that we have a bigger place, Mom and Dad don't have to store my leftover campaign signs from the 2008 provincial election. Or my old Star Wars action figure...or my grade school report cards...

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susan_rn92 said...

Campaign signs can be reutilized in all sorts of forms. Our neighbourhood politician made a fort for his daughter using his.