Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shower Slipup

The huge walk-in shower is one of the most appealling features of our new home, but I discovered today that safety in the bathroom remains a subject of vital importantce. While luxuriating in the spray and steam, I decided that since there was enough room to lie down in the shower, I might as well give it a try. Unfortunately my feet flew out from under me as I shifted position and I cracked my skull on the unforgiving porcelain tiles of the wall. One of my flailing arms swept every single beauty and hygiene product off the shelf and across the shower floor. The tremendous "clonk" of my impact shook the foundations of our new home, and Sylvia cried out in alarm.

"I'm okay," I shouted, even though I could still see animated bluebirds circling my head, merrily chirping away.

A few moments later, Sylvia offered her sympathies. "Poor baby," she said, "Did you land really hard on your bum?"

"Fortunately, I landed on my head," I quipped. Fortunate indeed - a thick skull has saved many a showering fool over the years. Next time, I'll stay on the rubber safety mat.


Sean Woods said...

Did Sylvia shower you with concern?

Anonymous said...

Realy, Sean?

Bhubby, please be careful.


Anonymous said...

I can't type...let me try again -

Really, sean?

Sean Woods said...


Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

Yeah, dude, be careful...didn't Jim Morrison check out that way? Buy some adhesive ducks for your tub, stat!

Anonymous said...

I like Stephen's suggestion!

"Operation: Jeffhilate!" said...


After all these years, you've lived the dream, Earl. Please take your friend's advice to live for more.