Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trouble in Thompson Town

From a profile of our Thompson neighbours the Hawkins printed in Inco's In Manitoba magazine, circa 1972.
I'm a little appalled that I didn't hear about this news until celebrity Michael Moore waded into the debate, but apparently a Brazilian mining company bought out Manitoba mainstay Inco and is now shutting down major operations in Thompson. Thompson is a mining town, and this is going to have a devastating effect on the community. When the mine shut down in Leaf Rapids, it became, if not a ghost town, then a shambling zombie town. The difference this time is that Thompson is Manitoba's third-largest city.
Playing with Matthew and Michael Hawkins in front of the Woods home in Thompson.
The way I remember it, Inco played fair as far as corporations go, establishing good labour relations and even paying their share of infrastructure costs. I haven't investigated too deeply yet, but on the surface it sure seems like this deal stinks. I hope Thompson doesn't go the way of Leaf Rapids; the north is an important frontier, and the people living there deserve better.


Sean said...

That's terrible news.

Also, the Moore link appears to be broken.

Earl J. Woods said...

Try clicking again - I had trouble with it too. I think it's high traffic.

Sean is here again said...

I just got in. You're probably right.