Monday, May 23, 2011


Exploring the world is one of life's greatest joys. If I had the resources, I would spend my days wandering the globe to discover all its wonders for myself.

So far I've travelled throughout much of Canada and the western United States; the furthest I've travelled is Singapore, with a side stop in Indonesia. So as much for my own reference as anything, here's the list of places I'd like to go, in roughly ascending order of difficulty and desire:

1) Northwest Territories/Yukon - I figure I could do this in one road trip.
2) Mount Rushmore, South Dakota - I'm thinking of doing this this year.
3) Atlantic Canada
4) Nunavut - mainly because as a Canadian I feel obligated to visit every corner of Canada
5) Florida - to see Cape Canaveral
6) Mexico - for the pyramids
7) Cuba - to see a Communist state
8) United Kingdom - for the history and culture, and for ancestral reasons
9) Continental Europe - ditto
10) Argentina/Brazil
11) Japan/China
12) India
13) Australia/New Zealand
14) Pitcairn Island
15) Low Earth Orbit - if I win the lottery, who knows? Space tourism is approaching fast.
16) Mars - if I live long enough, who knows?
17) A habitable extrasolar planet - see 16


BLaZe said...

Because I know you care:

1) Yukon/Alaska: I want to see the last great wilderness in NA
2) Churchill, Manitoba: Polar bears, nuff said
3) Yosemite: Big, big rocks
4) Trans Atlantic cruise (or sail)
5) Washington DC: Smithsonian anyone?
6) London and environs: British Museum, British Library, etc., you get the idea
7) Rome: Old things
8) Athens: Older things
9) Eygpt: Oldest things
10) Moscow or St Petersberg: Eastern European things
11) Peru: Machu Pichu
12) More Europe: Cathedrals and culture
13) Southeast Asia, but only if I have guide cause I am a chicken
14) India (see 13)
15) Sailing the Carribean in my own boat

Earl J. Woods said...

I can't believe I forgot Egypt! Actually, all of your choices appeal.

susan_rn92 said...

Every corner of Canada? Have you been to Nfld? I stood on mile one, and it is closer to Italy on that spot then it is to Victoria. I also suggest you also add Rome, Italy. The Romans went there.

Anonymous said...

Iqaluit is great, Yellowknife as well. If you have the chance Go yellowknife, then across to Ft Smith to get to the Yukon and Alaska. An amazing trip.

Newfoundland is worthwhile as well. Try out the scandinavian countries as well. Norway is very expensive but Pulpit Rock (google that) is incredible.

Anonymous said...

Soory forgot to sign that last comment - Kevin Kelly

Earl J. Woods said...

Thanks Susan and Kevin. I would include Newfoundland (and hopefully Labrador) in my Atlantic Canada trip. Kevin's route for the north is one I'd like to try.

"The Jeffpath" said...

I second boosting Washington DC higher on your list, unless you count all of those hours you spent in FallOut as having been there (I wouldn't).

I also second Newfoundland. If it weren't for the weather, we'd be living there in a heartbeat.

Mexico is really most incredible. Much, much more than pyramids, which I feel you would find to be anticlimactic. Or anticlimbactic, as Sylvia would have to wait patiently for you at the bottom. Also, a visit to Texas would round out your trip nicely, as long as you stay away from the border towns.

Beyond Cuba, which I would love to see, I would also like to visit many other Caribbean islands as well.

Other places perhaps implied but not mentioned: Paris, Florence, Milan, Venice, (All of noth Italy, esp. Como Lake - just ask Tom Paris or James Bond), Naples, Capri, Switzerland, Dubai, Johannesburg, Japan, Indonesia, Rio, a pole or two, and of course, the Vancouver area, where you are always welcome!