Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Little More from Singapore

A kindly old British couple took this photo while I was visiting the Singapore Zoo.
You can get quite close to the animals at the Singapore Zoo, including these alligators, shot without the benefit of a telephoto lens. Frankly I'm surprised I overcame my natural risk aversion to get this shot...I must have been feeling particularly adventurous.
It took all of my will to avoid touching this just to see what would happen.
It seems as though every zoo in the world needs a flock or a gaggle or whatever of flamingos.
My trip to Singapore included my first - and to date, my only - tropical Christmas. The holiday is a big deal in Singapore, though in a secular rather than a religious sense. The decorations in the city's shopping district were quite impressive.
...if a little commercial.
Here I am relaxing at the world-famous Raffles Hotel. Since I don't drink, I didn't order a Singapore Sling.
Parvesh and her family were wonderful hosts, preparing some of the finest dishes I've ever sampled. The food really was fantastic.
Singaporeans have a dark, twisted sense of humour that I heartily endorse.

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Anonymous said...

The secular Christmas in Singapore story reminds me of an Alexei Sayle bit about Christmas in Japan. He said they had problems translating the western holiday traditions and ended up with crucified Santa Clauses hanging in shopping malls.