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Friday, February 10, 2012

My Life as a Klingon

When I travelled to Los Angeles with the University of Alberta Star Trek Club in 1992, I made sure to visit Universal Studios, then home to The Star Trek Adventure. I arrived at a production too late to play a Starfleet role, but I climbed onto the stage to audition for the role of Klingon commander. I didn't growl quite loudly enough to earn that part, but I did well enough to land a spot on the landing party, where I fought tentacles. It was pretty cool - before the cameras rolled, I was costumed backstage, given marks and lines from the director, and had my Klingon forehead appliance tacked on. When the cameras rolled, I gave it my all, thrashing around with the tentacles like a madman and suffering the indignity of being rescued by a six-year-old in a Starfleet uniform. I loved it, of course.

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