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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Mysterious Hallway

I've worked for the Legislative Assembly for over six years now, and because of that I've made many trips down the underground pedway that links the Annex to the legislature proper. During all that time, the simple barrier seen above has silently blocked curious pedestrians from venturing up that flight of stairs. Instead, we must turn left and take the spiral staircase or the elevator up to the main level.

Sometimes I'm tempted to hop over the rope and see what's up that flight of stairs, but I have no wish to annoy the building's hard-working and friendly security people.

Still...six years. When was the last time someone used those stairs? Are they reserved for the premier? The Lieutenant Governor? The Queen herself? Or is it reserved for custodians working the night shift?

Perhaps on my last day at the legislature (whenever that may be), I'll ask one of the security folks. There - something for my to-do list.

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