Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Shout-Out to Poplar Bay

I've mentioned my friend Neil's new blog before, but I feel his more recent posts deserve another plug. If you want to learn more about advertising, politics or both, Neil's blog is quickly becoming a must-read.

Unlike my Frankenstein-like hodgepodge of a blog, Neil sticks to a consistent theme; he reviews political ads from around the world. It's refreshing to see Neil bring his thoughtful analysis to bear on attack ads and positive messages alike.

His latest entry is my favourite so far. Just when you thought Republican tactics couldn't get any creepier (or funnier), along come the demon sheep..!

As citizens grow more saturated with advertising, it's becoming increasingly important to learn the tricks and tactics the experts use to shape public opinion. I'm glad Neil has started to provide his insights and I look forward to seeing more posts.

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