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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Projects That Got Away

I've had a significant increase in freelance work over the past couple of weeks, so today I spent a couple of hours dealing with my accumulated office clutter. I can tolerate a certain amount of chaos in my workspace - in fact, I'm somewhat comforted by it - but there's a point at which the piles of stuff begin to interfere with your workflow.

As a result, I stumbled upon some of my old work for one of my former employers: outlines for two non-fiction books. I can't share the work here, since it was created while I was on the clock and not on my own time, but I can say the outlines are interesting reading - so interesting that I'm sorry we never got around to producing the books.

I've had a few work experiences like that over the years. The CBC pilot I co-hosted as a teenager could have gone to series, and I think we could have done some solid work. The non-profit I served in the 90s filled what I thought was an important niche, only to be swallowed up by a larger organization. And of course we could have done so much more at the Official Opposition had we sufficient resources.

Of course we live in an imperfect world, and so must make do with the capabilities at hand. Even with the various restrictions and realities I've experienced in my working life, I remain quite proud of 99 percent of the work I was involved with over the years - and even prouder of the people I worked with.

Besides, who says good ideas have to die? Maybe someday I'll write those books, if my old colleagues are amenable.

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