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Friday, October 25, 2013

Redjac Revealed

Back in the 90s, before the blogging era, I used to produce a photocopied newsletter called Blazing Earl News and mail it to my friends. One recurring story featured the immolation of a rubber Spider-Man figure my brother or I found lying in the street; we put him in a Star Wars Droid factory, lined up a bunch of action figures as the audience, set Spider-Man afire and photographed the event. Later I decided that there had to be a reason for the mostly heroic figures to participate in such a time, so I surmised that one of them had been possessed by Redjac, AKA Jack the Ripper as portrayed in the original Star Trek episode "Wolf in the Fold." Still reading? You're probably not Sylvia, then. In any event, to accompany the story I used Microsoft paint to depict the shocking revelation that Redjac had possessed Captain Kirk himself. Why everyone else went along with the burning was never revealed.

1 comment:

Sean said...

Poor Spiderman took a lot of abuse.