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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Theatre of the Exploding Sun

So, this is a pretty big deal: my cousin Keith Langergraber has an exhibit at the Kelowna Art Gallery. It's called Theatre of the Exploding Sun, and runs from October 5 to December 29.This time around, Keith is exhibiting some short films and sculpture.

Some years back I wrote about another of Keith's exhibitions, The Society of Temporal Investigations at Vancouver's Western Front gallery. I was very impressed with Keith's show and his presentation back then, so I can only imagine how much his art has progressed in the intervening years. Hopefully I'll have a chance to visit the show in Kelowna before the exhibit ends! 


Anonymous said...

The show runs until Dec. 29 but it will be at the Richmond Art Gallery after Christmas and will be in SAAG (Lethbridge) in the summer. You two are welcome to stay here if you can make it but I know how busy you must be. I watched the newest filn yesterday. It is the best so far. The Glass Island sculptue in the gallery is fantastic but I don't think Richmond and Lethbridge have the space for it. Cheers. Aunt Jean

Earl J. Woods said...

Thanks Aunt Jean! I was hoping to make it on the Remembrance Day weekend, but the funeral of a friend the week prior threw the whole week a little out of whack. We might make it down before the 29th, but if not at least we can see it in Lethbridge!