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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's Not a Bird...

The reaction to the first look at CBS' upcoming Supergirl series has been pretty mixed; even folks whose opinions I trust have expressed their disdain, writing off the show as too "Devil Meets Prada"-esque; my brother cleverly remarked "Super New Girl in the City." Perhaps that's fair based on this trailer, but frankly I think it looks pretty charming - and what's wrong with a genre show targeted at women and girls? Lead Melissa Benoit is adorable, and it looks like the show's creators are staying true to the mythology, even though it will complicate their storytelling. I respect that, and I have faith in the producers, who are already responsible for Arrow and The Flash, two very different but very entertaining shows.

I think Supergirl has the potential to be another The Bionic Woman for young women, and I hope she soars. 

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