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Friday, June 05, 2015

Gaming & Guinness X: The Fourth Day

On the last day of G&G X, we brought out Jeff Shyluk's beautiful custom starmap for A Call to Arms: Starfleet for the second time. It remains a huge hit.
This time around Steve suggested a free-for-all, with each player, no matter were they nominally Klingon or Federation, with his own specific objectives. Pete and Colin immediately turned on me, which was only fair, as I was gunning for Scott.
Rob would make a pretty intimidating Starfleet commander.
A nine-player free-for-all made for a pretty chaotic battlefield.
Mike, Mike and Scott consider their options.

Circvs Maximvs, the chariot racing game, has evolved into the signature event at G&G, with its custom miniatures and track, home made trophy, statuary, and Mike Totman's able refereeing.
Colin was out for blood, and as a result there were casualties all over the track right out of the gate.
The valiant fallen.
Quite a spectacular way to start a race.
There were some more casualties, but the race went pretty well for me - second place, my best showing ever! Mike Parlow triumphed, while Scott finished third.
It's hard to believe that we've spent ten years doing this - that we're all a decade older, moving from our thirties into our forties (for the most part) while enjoying the fruits of deep-rooted friendships.
No matter where life leads us all, I hope we're still doing this ten, twenty, thirty years from now...perhaps even longer.
Thanks to everyone for coming out and making it special, as always. 

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