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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rude Awakening

The cat awoke me this morning, paws kneading my skull.

"I don't want to work all the time," said the cat, telepathically. At first this didn't amaze me, groggy as I was with uninterrupted sleep. I shoved the cat aside and brushed my teeth, chatting with Sylvia.

It wasn't until I stood under the shower's spray that the incongruities hit me.

"Hey, the cat was talking!" I thought.

And then, "And he was doing it telepathically!"

And then, "Wait a minute - when did we get a cat?"

And then, "Wait a minute - we can't have pets, I'm allergic."

And then, finally, I came to full consciousness and realized the cat was a dream, or a pet from a parallel universe briefly visited, its afterimage lingering for a short span of time after the transition. 

1 comment:

Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

Earl doesn't want to work all the time. Listen to the cat, Earl.

He is you.