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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Have the Vampirestats Bots Given Up on The Earliad?

Some time ago I lamented the nefarious vampirestat robots for skewing my blog traffic results all to heck, so much so that I stopped checking my stats for months. But out of idle curiosity I looked today and discovered that the phony vampirestat url seems to have fallen off the list of my traffic sources, or at the very least I'm getting a lot fewer hits from them. Vampirestats still shows up in the "all time" list, but on this daily chart they don't appear at all.

A couple of the referring urls in the list above look as dodgy as vampirestats, but the majority of the top URLs and sites seems legit, at least to my untrained eyes. So maybe my stats are coming closer to reality, reflecting legitimate visits from humans rather than spambots.

The search keywords are amusing. Most make sense, but I have no idea why "cartoon sex appleseed xiii sex" would result in a hit on The Earliad...

1 comment:

Totty said...

Two things:
1) is there really any call for the pottymouth?
B] the search engines can read your deepest thoughts, that's how those phrases redirect to you