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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Event Cards for Toilet Chase: The Poop Deck Building Game

Rotten Pasta
Contrary to popular belief, pasta does not last forever simply because you've put it in a Tupperware container in the fridge. You open the container and are overwhelmed by the stench. Gain 2 Dolt Points and lose consciousness for one turn.  Negated if you're holding Ron's Reflexes. 

Day of the Triffid
The potatoes you left in the pantry six months ago have sprouted, then turned black, creating a horrible mess. Lose 1 Health. Negated if you're holding Ron's Reflexes. 

Ron's Reflexes
If you draw any Rotten Food card, ignore its effects and surrender this card. 

Placating a Hell's Angel
You intervene in a car crash in the alley, to the annoyance of the Hell's Angel at fault. But you placate him with politeness and hot chocolate. Lose a Dolt Point. 

Guilty on All Counts
You forget to renew your licence and insurance, and the authorities are not amused. Gain 1 Dolt Point and lose the use of Allan's Car. 

Crash Dummies
You step on a Crash Dummies toy left at the top of the stairs. Tumble down them and lose 1 Health. 

You Are Not a Candidate
You receive yet another job rejection in the mail. Gain 1 Dolt Point. 

You Fool - Oh No!
Jeff erases your cool answering machine message. Gain 2 Dolt Points. 

It's Time for DS9
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is on! Lose 1 Dolt Point. 

Necco Shampoo
Someone's put Necco Wafers in your shampoo. leaving your hair a sticky mess. Gain 2 Dolt Points. 

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