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Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Chilling Escape

About a month ago, the mini-fridge in my home office stopped working. I only realized it had died because a large chunk of ice fell from the freezer section into the main section, making a loud noise. I opened the door, grabbed the ice and threw it in the sink to melt. There was still a lot of ice left in the freezer; I hadn't defrosted in ages, and a solid block of frozen water nearly filled the freezer compartment to capacity.

Something distracted me and I forgot to take care of the rest of the ice. Naturally, it melted.

Yesterday, my parents and brother came over to help with some household projects, including moving out the old fridge and putting in the new one. My brother opened the door of the old fridge to an overwhelming stench, and discovered that a bucket of old, unused Halloween candy was full of water; the chocolate and nuts had rotted in the mire.

Miraculously, the melting point of the block ice must have been directly above the bucket of candy. The melting water was all collected in the bucket, preventing it from escaping to soil my carpet.

Sylvia and Sean were very annoyed that my forgetfulness and laziness wasn't punished; was, in fact, rewarded by fickle Fate. In my own defence, I had the good grace to be embarrassed. 

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