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Saturday, July 06, 2019

Aldon Gray

Mom sent me some old pictures of her first cousin Aldon Gray (left), of whom she says: "He landed at Normandy and walked all the way to Germany with the South Saskatchewan Regiment. He was lucky to survive, as he was in the infantry and was under fire a lot. As he was single, he stayed in Germany to help with the displaced people until he came home in 1946. He was a quiet person, but very smart. He died in Deer Lodge (a military hospital) in Winnipeg at the age of 97. Your dad and I went to his funeral."

I appreciate Mom letting us know this slice of family history. I cleaned up the photograph she sent a little bit. I wonder what that piece of equipment is to Aldon's right; it looks like either a spotlight or one of those signal lights with the shutters. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

I'm almost positive your relative is standing next to a 90 cm searchlight, a common but important piece of Allied equipment. It would be used to pick out German night fighters trying to penetrate land and sea defenses.

Earl J. Woods said...

Sure looks like a match to me!