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Monday, September 28, 2020

Wrath of the Ultra-Humanite

Here's the Ultra-Humanite figure I mentioned in yesterday's post. As you can see, both Donkey Kong and the Ultra-Humanite use the same sculpt, but different paint and basing choices give the two giant gorillas distinctly different personalities. 

The Ultra-Humanite is Superman's earliest and possibly his most fiendish villains. He's a mad scientist who uses surgery (and, naturally, accomplices) to move his brain from one body to another when his host body's usefulness runs out, either due to old age, damage, or simply convenience. Aside from his first appearances, in which he resembles a proto-Lex Luthor, the Ultra-Humanite's most famous bodies are those of actress Dolores Winters and a giant albino gorilla, which I have attempted to replicate here.

Mind you, this is not a strictly accurate rendering. While using the albino gorilla body, the Ultra-Humanite wears a red and gold harness. I could attempt to simply paint his harness onto the body, but then you'd see the fur texture beneath the paint. I could try Green Stuff to sculpt the harness and then paint the Green Stuff, but...I'm not ready for that advanced technique yet. 

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Sean Woods said...

I actually didn't realize UH predates Lex Luthor.