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Friday, February 26, 2021

Black Pudding

This black pudding, a D&D monster of bubbling ooze that slurps up its hapless victims and dissolves them, presented an interesting painting challenge. Merely painting the whole thing black would rob the pudding of its dimensionality, so I started with black but added light blue highlights to suggest light playing across the liquid surface. Then, I added some technical paint, Stirland Mud, to the "floor" of the pudding. I did that to make that section of the pudding particularly black, but the mud cracked in a way that I find pleasing, as if the inner substance of the monster is some sort of blue-white liquid and the outer surface a flexible skin. 


Sean Woods said...

The cracking adds a really nice element.

Jeff Shyluk said...

One of my goals is to pick up a tube of Black 3.0 from CultureHustle. It's expensive, though, or at least the shipping is. Black 3.0 might make your grimmer figures be truly loathesome. Or it might just be bothersome: it's fragile paint.

The first thing I thought of was Calgary's "Brotherhood Of Mankind", but melted down:

I know a little about black pudding and puddings in general from British cuisine. They aren't generally pudding as we know it, and the black pudding food isn't black, it's bloody. I haven't seen one in decades, though, you can't get a black pudding for sale here because of sanitary (and sanity) reasons.