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Thursday, April 22, 2021


Here is a 28mm-scaled, know, I don't even know what you call these things. Some people say "big rigs," but that seems wrong. "Truck" is too generic. Anyway, it's a thing that pulls trailers. Or maybe not; you're supposed to put a garbage compactor or a tank for liquid cargo on the back. So "hauler" it is until someone corrects me in the comments. 

A lot of vehicles like this are painted red, so...I painted this one red. And that's my story. 


Totty said...

I think (semi-)techinical term is "tractor" as in "tractor-trailer". Don't quote me on that, though.

Jeff Shyluk said...

Tractor. A tractor plus a trailer is a rig. A single-frame trailer that isn't articulated which is attached to the tractor by means of a kingpin is a semi-trailer: semi since it has "half" the axles of a full trailer.