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Monday, September 13, 2021

A Blue Building

Here is the second 28-32mm scale NYC apartment building I've painted. This time, I painted a lot of pieces while they were still on their sprues, which really helped me control my tendency to paint "outside the lines;" I haven't figured out what else to call it when you paint a wall when you wanted to paint a window, for example. 

I chose blue as the prominent colour this time, but I also chose to add some weathering effects to make this version of the kit grimier, like it's located in a rougher neighbourhood than my first apartment. 

I glued some miniature posters from another kit to the wall. And rather than use the packaged Stark Industries poster meant for the billboard, I marred it with grime and scrawled "RESIST" on it. 

Here's a glimpse of the heavily rusted water tower. 

I used leftover parts from the first kit to create a rear entrance for Josie's bar. 

Some very rickety fire escape ladders and rusty utility access. You can also see the back of the very dilapidated billboard. 

A closer look at the rear corner. 

A closer look at the utility meters and fire escape. 

Here's a closeup of the first floor. Windows are a challenge; I've taken to painting them black, then dry brushing silver or gold highlights to suggest light coming from within. I suppose a truly talented painter would paint an interior scene with depth and lighting and all the rest, but I am not that painter. 

Here's a look at the rusted-out roof. Speaking of the roof itself, I used astrogranite texture paint to give it the feel of asphalt, then added a coat of  black for the look. It doesn't show up well in this photo, but the roof is pleasantly rough to the touch. 

Finally, a closer look at the back door. 


Totty said...

What kind of colour is "girl"?

Earl J. Woods said...

Ha ha, good grief. Thanks Mike, I'll fix that.