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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Interceptor Clean and Dirty

I painted this 28mm-scale Mad Max-style Interceptor in shades of blue and silver. The shading is more subtle than I might have liked, but it doesn't really matter because...

...I wanted it to look battle-hardened anyway. I think I went too far, though. As you can see, I added rust, sand, and mud to make it look as though this vehicle has journeyed far without a wash. Which version do you prefer? Clean or dirty? 


Totty said...

I like my cars like I like my women: dirty with plenty of miles on them.

Jeff Shyluk said...

Well, I like my cars like I like my women: they care for me personally as a person and don't just see me as all twisted steel and sex appeal. I also like the ones that stick with the marriage even though there's better out there. It's because after all this time together, I can still make her laugh. Unfortunately, it's when I take my clothes off with the lights on.

After we got married, my wife definitely changed. A lot. She started off with a long white gown, then after the ceremony and party she changed to pyjamas. The next day, she changed to a light sweater and jeans. When it got warm, she changed to a t-shirt and shorts. She's never stopped changing since then.