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Monday, September 27, 2021

Batter Up!

Here's a whimsical objective for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare--the baseball collection, complete with a bat, a baseball grenade, mines for the bases, a footlocker, and what I'm only just realizing is a glove, which I've painted bronze instead of brown. Oy! Well, I'll have to fix that. 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

Ron Shelton wrote an extensive essay on why baseball fences should be green and not blue: he was the baseball player who went on to become a Hollywood screenwriter/director, and who came up with Bull Durham. He's passionate about the subject, and would likely hate a blue baseball box.

He was being nostalgic for the older style of ballpark, and against the ballparks of the 1990's-2000's. I don't know what he would think of today's sports palaces, though, where if you don't leave after the game with bleeding ears, you don't have your retinas blasted out by lasers, and you don't pick up a tan from the jumbotron, you're not having a good time.

Apart from MLB's famous Gold Glove award, I think that the perfect glove for catching a grenade would be made out of solid metal, unless you want a team of Jim Abbot's.