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Saturday, February 12, 2022

New Vegas Deathclaw


Here is the first model I've painted after Jeff sent me some new pointers. While I'm still using my old brushes and not the ones Jeff recommended, I did my best to follow a couple of key tips: put less paint on my brush and cover the model in many coats instead of rushing and trying to cover the model in one thick coat. I applied the same thought to drybrushing, taking more time to ensure my brush was virtually free of paint before applying. If you look closely, you can see that I started with the legs and still had a bit too much paint on my brush. The tail, torso, and arms are much closer to what I envisioned. I also used the same two paint colours on the base, the idea being that perhaps this creature has evolved to resemble its surroundings. The effect is muted a bit by the shrubs and rocks I added to the base. 

You may note that the model is missing a talon on its right hand. Rather than glue it back in place, I decided to add some Green Stuff World true blood to the stump and palm to suggest a wound. Then I added some more blood to the other claws and some on the creature's horns and body to imply the results of a fierce battle. 

For my own part, I think this represents an improvement over my last few paint jobs. Of course, any faults remain my own; they're not due to Jeff's advice, only in my failing to apply it properly. 

I'm calling this a New Vegas deathclaw because I tried to give it a colour scheme of sepia-ish tones to match the its computer game counterpart. 

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