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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Red Rocket Garage and Coolant Pumps

Tonight I finished painting the Red Rocket garage Jeff 3D-printed for me. This 32mm-scale building is a terrain piece for the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare tabletop wargame. 

The world of Fallout takes place after World War III, so naturally building like this will be found in pretty terrible shape. So after painting the garage in the signature Red Rocket colours, I added a number of effects: various shades of rust, oil spills, general decay, and hardscrabble plant life. 

For extra interest, I added some spare parts from Fallout kits I'd painted earlier. Here, you can see the discarded rear panel of a Nuka-Cola vending machine. 

Over on this side we have an ammo container and a tickle trunk.

Here's a glimpse of the interior. Note a couple of birds on the roof, rare signs of vibrant life in the wasteland. These birds were extras from a Marvel: Crisis Protocol terrain set. 

Finally, here's a pair of coolant pumps. In Fallout, vehicles before the atomic war were powered by atomic energy, so instead of visiting fuel stations for gas, you fill up on reactor coolant. 

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