Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Day, Another Template

A couple of folks have noted that the red curtain theme was causing the blog to load pretty slowly, so I've switched to a less graphics-intensive theme. Please comment if you notice a difference, pro or con.

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"Jeffspaw" said...

Gosh, now it's so dull-looking. Whoops, that's not the word I should have used. Is there an excitamental, feely-good, up-positive way of saying "dull"? Use word that instead.

>> Dullicious!! <<

I suggest returning the red curtains in your top title graphic if you cannot for the whole page. If you reduce the title graphic to 256 colours, it will load in a flash but still look decent.

Now when you click on stuff, the highlight is visible, which is better, but it's all shades of dullicious grey. Also, the new format seems to be holding the youtube videos propelry, which is nice. I guess the last time you looked at the template was before youtube ungraciously changed their format.