Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Blunderland

Having lived in northern Manitoba for a decade, I don't complain about Alberta winters very often; even at their worst, they're relatively mild compared to what I'm used to. But today was pretty grim, not because of the cold (it was only minus 12 or so), but the snow. Our new home exists in a cul-de-sac, and my car barely made it into our condo complex entrance, and getting to the garage was an even greater struggle. It doesn't really look so bad in the video, but I very nearly got stuck out there in the dark. Good thing home was only a few steps away.

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susan_rn92 said...

Sorry to hear about your dump of the white stuff. Personally, I think it all belongs on the mountains. I have to mention my worst overnight snow experience, from when I was living in Cranbrook. We woke up in the morning to so much snow that it came up to the windows of our Tempo. Needless to say I decided to walk to work that day. Where is the dog sled team when you need them?