Tuesday, December 14, 2010

David Swann's Holiday Greetings

Here are some nice holiday thoughts from Dr. David Swann, Leader of the Official Opposition. If anyone knows how to ensure that YouTube videos display properly when embedded instead of being cut off on the right, I'm all ears...the non-cut-off version can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_b9WQQnZiU.

Edited to add: Thanks to Jeff and Steve for offering some solutions. I'm going with a template change for now - I'm not too comfortable with HTML. Nor am I fussy about preset templates, either...but this will do  temporarily. At least the red curtains remind me of Twin Peaks...


"The Jeffsday Machine" said...

Here's a link to the blogger help where folks with the same problem ask your question:


where all of the above is in a single uninterrupted line.

One solution is to widen your blog, the other is to narrowen the youtube window in HTML. Either way, what bliss.

So are those Dr. Swann's exact sentiments, or are they Earl J. Woods' words coming out of Dr. Swann?

Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

I found the HTML process intimidating, so I used the design template to revamp my blog instead. The new format is wide enough to display videos, and it's purtier.

Earl J. Woods said...

Using the new templates worked - thanks, guys.

"The Jeffsday Machine" (a) said...

I grok the red curtains.