Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Kingpin's Prop Guy

Splash pages are quite common in comics. The opening panel is often metaphorical, a visual representation of the general gist of the story that will unfold in the pages to come. This panel from The Amazing Spider-Man #51 seems to illustrate the concept perfectly: the Kingpin of Crime will utterly dominate New York with his iron fist of evil, smashing all obstacles.
But when you turn the page, you discover that the splash page wasn't metaphorical at all! Yes, the Kingpin actually had someone build a scale model of New York just so he could smash it at the most dramatically opportune moment. Does the Kingpin have a model builder on his payroll for occasions like this? Or does he contract the work out to freelancers?

"Hello, Sime Brothers Propworks?"


"This is the Kingpin."

"Sure, buddy."


"Sime Brothers Propworks."

"Don't hang up if you value your business. This is the Kingpin, and I want some work done. I need a scale model of the city, four feet wide and six feet long."

"All right...miniature work, huh? You making a movie, 'Kingpin?'"

"I really am the Kingpin, and no, I'm not making a movie. I'm going to smash it to impress some hoodlums."

"...okay then. Pretty expensive demonstration, Mr. Kingpin."

"I have plenty of money, fool! I'm the Kingpin of Crime! Now please have the model shipped to my office by Friday. Don't worry about the price, just send the bill to my secretary, Madeline."

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Andrea said...

Half of those hench-men look like shaved extras from Planet of the Apes.