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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Mighty Marvel Method

The so-called "Marvel Method" of writing comics places much of the burden on the artist, who lays out each issue, draws all the action and so on. The writer's job is to create plausible dialogue after the art is complete. In The Amazing Spider-Man #45, Stan Lee gave budding young writers a chance to scrawl in their own dialogue for a single panel.
Here's how I might have written the scene if I actually had a full-time job at Marvel. It's not exactly James Joyce, but it gets the job done.
But then I imagined a more realistic reaction to having a man in spider-themed spandex disrupt a family's life.

How would you fill in those world balloons, "riotous readers?" Excelsior!


Liam J. said...

I have this issue somewhere in my heap. I always imagined it to be very Duke Togo. "..." all the way around.

Benchmark said...

My mind went straight to the absurd.

Earl J. Woods said...

Ha ha. That is awesome, R--I mean Benchmark.