Friday, March 04, 2011

Tome of the Titans: 75 Years of DC Comics

Armed with an Amazon gift certificate from Sean, I browsed through my recommendations, coming across the innocuously-titled 75 Years of DC Comics. Noting that the book was written by longtime DC Comics scripter Paul Levitz, I thought it would probably be a fun and informative work to add to my collection of pop culture tomes.

The book arrived today in a box far larger than I expected. 75 Years...25 pounds, at least. It's bigger than Sylvia.
The book even comes with its own storage box for the superhero on the go.
Now all I need is a table large enough to use as a reading platform. It's too heavy for my lap. Great Krypton!


Totty said...


"The Jefftimate Computer" said...

This... THIS is exactly why I never will want one of those electronic books. What a spectacular addition to your collection! It looks like its printed on broadsheet, the largest size of newspaper sheet (but higher quality paper by the looks of it!). That way, the comics will be formatted the way the artists intended them, rather than the penny-pinching publisher. I could get lost for years in a book like that. Or get fit lugging it around.

Provider of Amazonbucks said...

I really like the last photo. You look astounded.

Stephen Fitzpatrick said...

You are a credit to bibliophiles and nerds everywhere, sir! An excellent find!