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Monday, November 26, 2012

Pop Culture Diorama

Last year I assembled this diorama to decorate the theatre room. Since then I've rearranged the whole room, and I've moved the diorama to my office, jiggling several pieces out of place in the process. Rather than put the whole thing back together the way it was, I think I'll switch out some pieces and create a new display.

For fun, can you identify each item I've enshrined in this temple of pop culture? If you think you can, post your answer in the comments. Whoever scores the highest earns the right to direct me to write a short story featuring any three of the items in question, said story to be finished before Christmas day.


"Ménage à Jeff" said...

Lots of clues you give, but maybe I don't have them all:

Upper row - promo insert for The Road Warrior

promo insert for The Searchers

Superman's cape (not a step)

Earl's toy army man, green army (rifleman)

3D glasses, red/blue anaglph, so old-fashioned... I am guessing from Creature From The Black Lagoon

Promo model Daily Planet building, Superman Returns

Mid row - Hallmark NCC 1701 7 Galileo shuttlecraft Christmas ornament with Spok voice

Enter The Dragon promo insert

I want to say the thing on the far right is a lirpa, but I'm sue it isn't. But it should be.

Bottom row - promo insert for "The Wild Bunch"

Ear'ls toy army man, chartreuse army (rifleman)

7 poker ships from Fallout: New Vegas (Left top to bottom: Vault 21, Atomic Wrangler, Ultra Luxe, Lucky 38 Platinum Chip; Right top to bottom: Tops, Steve Bison, Gomorrah) - you lucky bastard, by the way

Green Lantern action figure green lantern

Green Arrow action figure green handcuff arrow

How The West Was Won promo insert

King Kong

Captain Kirk action figure Type 3 Phaser Rifle (possible prototype used by Kirk on Gamma Hydra)

Now for the flat-out guesses:

Lex Luthor's chair (maybe Perry White, or JJJ, but my guess is LL)

Hawkman helmet

Six pearl-headed steel pins from Sylvia's sewing kit (or maybe your mom's - does Sylvia sew? I do not know.)

Olive Green broadcloth background, probably came with box

"Ménage à Troi" (a) said...

Soory for the typos, should read:

anaglyph, Spock, sure

I had caffeine today.

"Ménage à Troi" (b) said...

Soory should read Sorry.

I should not have caffeine.

"Ménage à Jeff" (c) said...

"Ménage à Troi" should read "Ménage à Jeff"

Freudian slip? Jeez.

AllanX said...

Ugh. Blogger needs an update so badly. This comment system looks like it was programmed in 1995.

Anyways, I wouldn't have done a quarter as well as Jeff, so it's a good thing I never even tried. Once again NOT TRYING was the right course!

"Ménage à Jeff" (d) said...

I wanted this prize quite a lot!

As for Blogger, I guess they are working on things. It doesn't help that I am using the comments like they were from the '90's. There are some advanced functions to comments, I think, but I never bothered to learn them, lest the new information overwrites something that I really need, like my wife's birthday, or how to drive a stick shift.