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Monday, January 14, 2013

Nose in a Book

On our way to or from Expo '86, the Woods family camped at a truly lovely spot somewhere in British Columbia, or at least that's what these photos tell me; I have no memory of the stop at all, nor of the book I'm reading here, The Destroyer #4, which the Internet tells me is subtitled Mafia Fix. I had to laugh when I saw the photo, though, because the moment it captures is typical: no matter what natural wonders surround me, I've almost always found books more compelling.


AllanX said...

I really want to throw you in that lake. If for no other reason than to make you remember it.

"Jeffgacy" said...

You should have a blog post tag that reads "Earl's Nose In A Book", it's definitely a recurring theme in your family pictures. Pretty funny!

I'm with Allan, though, you in the water followed by the book, in no particular order.

I looked at the route from Edmonton to Vancouver on the Google Maps™. On the most direct route, there's not many lakes. Assuming this was the trip that you went to the Columbia Ice Fields, you concievably went south from Hwy 16 along the 93 to get to Lake Louise, stayed the night, then went west on Hwy 1. Golden-Revelstoke-Salmon Arm. Here I am guessing you turned south for Vernon. Either you actually went all the way south, say to visit relatives, or just a bit south along Shuswap Lake for a picnic. There's an area by Mara Lake that's fairly similar to your photo.

If your mom or dad had been more interested in the scenery rather than their darling baby boy, then there would be more distinctive mountains in the background that we could identify. Instead, we know the edition of the Mack Bolan book.

So Shuswap/Mara is my guess. After all the digital detective work to figure that out, I'm not particularly eager to find out the truth.

Earl J. Woods said...

Eager or not, the truth ye shall have! Apparently we took the long way to Vancouver, stopping at Becker's Lodge near Bowron Lake Provincial Park.

Colin said...

I'm thinking to use those two convenient "v" trees behind to build a giant slingshot and fling Earl far out into the lake. With any luck he might clip a tree on the way past, and go spinning off into the water, perhaps skipping a time or two.