Saturday, June 14, 2014


I've seen a lot of cool projects on Kickstarter, but Fart Attack, a proposed game for iOS and Android phones, is the only one that has left me crying with laughter. The game is simple: earn points by farting in the close proximity of the people around you, but be careful! Too much enthusiasm and you could poop your pants. It's all rendered in adorable 8-bit glory. I particularly love how the expressions on the characters' faces change to shocked dismay when you fart around them.

Also, I love this absurd quote from the developer's Kickstarter page:
"Prepare to have you mind fartestroyed!"-Carol
The creator promises that if he gets $10,000 in pledges, "I will video tape myself farting on strangers and then probably get hammered on a two or three day bender with part of the money..." I certainly don't endorse such behaviour, but you have to admire the developer's honesty.

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