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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Stop, Go, Go Very Fast

Today while driving west on Stony Plain Road I noticed that the traffic signal was showing green, but also flashing amber. I have never seen this signal before, and I instinctively slowed down a little while I tried to puzzle out what that particular configuration of lights could mean.

Green, of course, means go. A flashing amber generally means go, but use caution. Together? Uh...go, but use even more caution? No, that's backwards. Use caution, but less than usual? That doesn't seem likely.

Has anyone else seen this odd signal before? I fear I may need to redo my driver's test. 


Totty said...

I don't see it listed on either of the Alberta Government pages about traffice signals:

I think it was probably a malfunction.

"Jeffscape" said...

From what I recall way back in my driving instructor days - back when cars were driven by sticking your feet out the bottom and pterodactyls turning left always got the right of way...

A solid green with a yellow means that your green light is going stale and will turn yellow soon. It's not common in Alberta, if it is a valid signal - I think I've only seen this in the States. Still, you've got roundabouts with traffic lights, so how could anything be more surprising?

Normally, stale green lights get preceded by the solid don't walk signal which is what most people who care will look for.

You should call the City: they would know if it's a new signal or a malfunction, and either set you or it straight. I've done that before, and they were very good about it.