Saturday, June 21, 2014

Some Bond Titles

I'll never be asked to write a James Bond novel or screenplay, but no one can stop me from coming up with some evocative titles for future Bond stories:

His Majesty's Shadow


No Time for Regrets

Spectres Never Die

A Lady Never Tells

All Earth for a Tomb


Midnight Kiss

A Fortnight 'Til Doomsday

Baron Earth

Death to Spies

Last Among Equals

No More Secrets

Never Die Alone

Forever Silver

From a Deal to a Draw

Hmm. Turning these into faux paperbacks might be a fun graphic design project...stay tuned. 


"Jeffbit, Part I" said...

The list of people who have written Bond novels is a lot shorter than those who have written Bond short stories. You've read the canon: Ian Fleming wrote a number of short stories, most of them at the height of his ability as an author.

That being said, some of the Bond short stories written by others were terrible! The one I recall is a bit where M forces Bond to dress in drag and then makes a pass at him...!

I for one would clamour for Earlian Bond fiction. You know more about Bond than I do, and I believe that I know quite a bit. If you feel uncomfortable about writing Bond, just change the names... GG for example.

There was an article on CBC that started with a review of the latest Bond novel. However, the show branched into a great discussion on imitative literature, how it evolved from the Victorian Era to our Information-Age fanfic. I wish I could tell you more, but I also recall I was trying to nail down a parking spot downtown as the show was running, so I was paying attention to my driving. Maybe you can find the thing on CBC yourself. The short version is that fanfic is very much a valid and respectable branch of literature, if done right.

Bond on, Earl Woods, Bond on, and maybe we'll see you and 007 next in Station J For Jamaica!

Earl J. Woods said...

You know, this sounds like an even better project than the fake book covers. And that CBC interview sounds great. I couldn't find it, but I did find this cool episode of As It Happens from 1975: