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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some Wrath for Khaaaaaaaannnnn!

I'm not sure what effect I expected to achieve by holding Khan in front of the camera while using the iPhone's panorama feature, but it wasn't this. Is he travelling through time or experiencing an agonizing transporter accident?

Goofy as it looks, this little experiment gave me a better idea of how the iPhone panorama technique works. Now I need a volunteer to stay still until I pan past them, then run around behind me to a spot on my right. If I'm correct, in the resulting panorama they should appear to be in two places at once. Bonus points if the volunteer can quickly change shirts or something before the camera's i returns to them.

1 comment:

"Jeffscent" said...

The only way you will get me to hold an Apple product is if you put it in my cold dead hand.

However... I have to admit, the panorama gizmo is very good. Better you use it than me. I would volunteer to be your guinea pig, but sadly I am in a different time zone.