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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Earl and the iMac

From the spring of 1998 to the fall of 2005, I wrote gardening books and articles for Hole's Publishing in St. Albert. Most of that work was done on this first-generation iMac. (I never took to the Mac OS even after working with it for half a decade.)

This photo was probably taken by Bruce or Akemi, and quite early in my tenure at Hole's for as you can see my bald spot has yet to appear. This image required a lot of cleanup, scanned as it was from a pretty dirty, beaten-up slide; it could still use some work. 


Jeff Shyluk said...

Oh no, those old macs were the worst! Above all, those stupid hockey-puck mice!! What direction will the mouse go today? Who knows? It's not like you can do anything with just one button, anyways.

But honourary mention goes to that cramped keyboard. Why not put four keys where you are used to having one? Because everybody has child-like fingers, that's why!

By all that's holy, that thing is the very opposite of all that's holy, and all the productivity I lost wrestling with one of those in what could charitably been referred to as my career only fuels my hatred for all things Apple, and never will I feel the need to apologize for that.

Anonymous said...

I sold a boatload of those iMacs. They were great. They lasted for years. Our clients loved them. The repair rate was quite low. They represented the first wave of Apple's rebound. The puck mouse was crap.

Earl J. Woods said...

At least we can all agree on the mouse! I hated that thing.

While I like iMovie and my iPhone, Apple's computers have always left me cold. I just couldn't wrap my head around the OS, and as a PC gamer Macs were never going to be my favourite. But aficionados adore them.