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Monday, February 02, 2015

The Poofy Shirt: An Alternative to Constrictive Formal Wear

I've often said that were I in charge of cultural norms, every human being would be free to wear whatever clothing they'd like, no matter the setting. Tuxedo for a trip to the garbage dump? By all means. Sweats and a t-shirt for the workday? Only in Earltopia, for the moment.

Since my radical fashion manifesto is unlikely to be widely adopted anytime soon, I propose a compromise: the poofy shirt. Poofy shirts (or "renaissance" shirts) are billowy, comfortable and dashing, far less restrictive than the sweat-inducing dress shirts men are forced to wear in many corporate settings. The poofy shirt's comfort technically meets the requirements of many workplaces in that it is long-sleeved and has a collar. I have not yet had the occasion to raise the issue with my manager, but when the time is right I'll present my proposal.

Besides being comfortable, the poofy shirt also offers the opportunity to leap into meetings with a brash "A ha!" while waving an imaginary sword. Sylvia says I should restrain myself. 


susan_rn92 said...

I tend to agree with Sylvia. But then, smart people usually do. Besides, if you could wear anything you liked, you would just dress for the temperature. I say we would have a one world suit and shiny boots. The suit would be equipped with a heater/ cooler unit.

Jeff Shyluk said...

Ironing a poofy shirt... forget that.

Besides, the wearability of a good dress shirt is directly proportional to its fit. A well-tailored dress shirt made from quality material is hardly restrictive or sweat-inducing.

Earl J. Woods said...

Well-tailored or not, I hate the darn things. Poofy shirts forever!