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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Creepy Footprint

I just returned from an evening of gaming at Sean's place to find this wet footprint on the ramp leading into the house from the garage. The print looks like it was made by a bare foot, and it's larger than my foot...the main garage door was closed...I'm at something of a loss. I know Sylvia certainly didn't make this footprint, as she doesn't walk in bare feet and her feet are tiny. Did someone manage to get through the main garage door while I was gone and then try to get into the house? Yikes. 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

That is creepy as fuck, all right. Very strange that someone would break into your place in the middle of winter barefoot but then leave without any other trace except a single left-legged footprint.

To me it looks mis-shapen, as if the intruder rolled on that foot. The heel looks as if it had slipped and the big toe is pressed flat against the ground, which is strange. Maybe the climbing motion does that? You'd have to step on that ramp in wet bare feet to see for yourself. If you dare.

I looked at the image in Photoshop using exposure and sharpness filters. There's no kirlian after-images, at least none detected by your camera, that would complete the foot shape. It may just be condensation that coincidentally looks like a human foot. Turning the image around seems to allay some of its human-caused form, at least to me.

A quick glance at footprint phenomenon on the web just brings up paranormal strangeness. Why not a ghost footprint?

Do you park your car by backing it into the garage ever? A more mundane explanation could simply be a stain from vehicle exhaust.

I hope something like that is the case, but were I you I'd take a careful look around your garage to make certain everything else is okay.