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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Wax On, Beard Off

Sometimes I wonder how many times a man would have to wax his facial hair before follicle damage stops it from growing back, freeing him from the tyranny of shaving. If you started at, say, the age of 15, would your facial hair stop growing by 25? 35? Would you eventually get used to the pain of ripping out your beard?



Totty said...
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Totty said...

Does waxing damage follicles enough to prevent regrowth? It seems to me that women repeteadly wax their legs (or whatever) with no respite from regrowth.

Jeff Shyluk said...

Now using an Epilady on your face, that would be something. Today must be an anniversary of that special day.

Earl J. Woods said...

Not one of my better ideas, to be sure. And Mike is probably right...if waxing doesn't eventually permanently remove leg hair, it probably won't work for facial hair, either. Nor, I suppose, would repeated Epilady beard uprootings.